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Remember the Yellow Pages? How easy it was to pick up and look for a particular business or specialized expert in your neighborhood? You didn’t have to scroll through pages and pages of online listings for businesses that turned out to be in remote areas and would only do work for you if you paid a high trip charge to cover the travel time. “We’ll be in your area at the end of next week.” Please, Google, my tenant’s furnace stopped working and it’s freezing outside. Just tell me who will come when I need them.

The American Apartment Owners Association (AAOA) was started by landlords who were not satisfied with the limited number of service options available to them. They understood the “trials and tribulations” of managing residential income property and decided to fill the need for a supportive group that would offer excellent, comprehensive tenant screening and background checks, educational resources and practical solutions to their specific requirements.

Since the ability to call upon professional, dependable tradespeople is such a vital part of property management, the founders of AAOA established an extensive national vendor directory to be utilized by all of their members. These listings can be found under “Solutions” on our website.

From Air Conditioning Repair to Wood Floor Finishing

AAOA’s vendor directory makes it easy for landlords, real estate investors and property managers to find local experts working in a wide range of trades from air conditioning repair to wood floor finishing. Our extensive national listings will help you find vendors who are expert in specialties ranging from appliance repairs to roofers, landscaping to painting contractors and pest control to security systems. As an example, if you're looking for estimates for a home or building renovation project, we'll provide you with a list of home remodeling contractors in your area. From routine maintenance and repairs to a complete “gut job,” we can match you up with an experienced pro who will get the project done.

For instance, if you are remodeling your units’ kitchens and bathrooms or developing a new apartment complex, you will need sources for new countertops, fixtures and flooring. Look no farther than the AAOA vendor directory. Here you will find local purveyors of stone, tile, laminates, wood, cabinetry, appliances and plumbing fixtures as well as the tradespeople to install them.

Security is an important issue for tenants and landlords alike. It might be the simple need to re-key a vacant unit or replace a broken deadbolt. On the other hand, the job could be as complex as installing a complete access system with gate controllers, remote keyless entry and surveillance equipment. Our extensive directory also includes patrol and alarm services.

Not just for building trade referrals

Property management services and software are listed in the AAOA directory as are professionals who can help you with home warranties, insurance, accounting and marketing your vacancies. Every aspect of managing an income property, including rent collection, building maintenance and legal services, is represented to make your business run smoothly and efficiently.

Have a rental applicant with an iffy financial history and you’d like to find an alternative to a security deposit so that you can rent to them? With Lease Guarantee and a relatively small annual fee covered by you and/or the tenant, you can protect yourself against a renter who doesn’t pay their rent or does damage to your property. If you get a judgment against them, even your legal fees will be covered.

If you are adding a room or even building from scratch, you’ll need funds to pay for the project. We can recommend financial and mortgage services and accountants to help you keep track of your expenses. You’ll need to hire an architect, an engineer and an insurance professional to be sure everyone on the job is properly covered. And when it’s all done, we have marketing experts and real estate agents to help you rent your new and improved property.

We invite you to search our local listings today. Simply select a category, such as collections or eviction services, enter a zip code and you will be furnished with a list of specialists in your local area.

If you’re looking for tenant screening, education webinars, state-specific legal forms, LeaseGuarantee, an option for tenants to pay for their own tenant background check, and more, become a member and join AAOA today.